RightGift Changes Lives Across the U.S., Supporting 75 Back-To-School Donation Drives and Counting

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September 11, 2019 by RightGift Communications


AUSTIN, TX -- Gifts-in-kind platform RightGift announced their 75th back-to-school drive for the 2019-2020 school year this week. The donation drives, hosted by businesses, non-profits and individuals, collect thousands of school supplies and basic goods desperately needed by teachers and students across the country.

“More than 15 million children head to school each year without the supplies they need to do their work and be successful,” said RightGift CEO Kyle Kothe. “What’s more, 94% of our teachers spend an average of $479 apiece to provide supplies for their classrooms. We want to help, and that’s why we offer RightGift’s one-of-a-kind giving platform for free.”

RightGift’s software promotes transparency in the charitable giving process. Givers know the exact use of their dollar when supporting a cause and can feel the direct impact of their gift. The platform enables any one person or organization to fundraise gifts for their favorite causes by setting up one or more wish lists. Donors can then purchase needed items and have them sent directly to the charity, school or organization benefiting from the campaign.

“RightGift’s value is impact transparency,” added Kothe. “When you give through RightGift, you give exactly what your favorite organization needs, when they need it. No exceptions.”

With major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Walgreens at their disposal, RightGift offers the item catalog most services in this space fail to provide. With variety of product comes the added benefit of being able to shop for the best price and quality regardless of store. Not having to go to a physical store to make purchases helped skyrocket donated items for Alternatives for Girls, a Detroit, MI based charity helping to keep girls and young women safe from homelessness and exploitation. Looking forward to more success, Development Coordinator Taylor Gawlik added: “I’m so excited about the possibilities for fundraising with RightGift.” Organizations like Alternatives for Girls, along with individuals and businesses still have time to make a difference.

RightGift is open year-round for any cause you want to support, but the company says that currently, the most popular causes are back to school and upcoming Holiday campaigns. You can start helping your community here: www.rightgift.com.

About RightGift

RightGift is a B-corporation headquartered in Austin, TX. Founded in 2018, RightGift offers a free, gifts-in-kind software platform enabling donors to support the causes they care about by giving them exactly what they need, when they need it. With hundreds of customers, including large companies, schools, charities, churches and individuals, RightGift promotes transparency in the giving process.You can take a look at our community here: www.rightgift.com/community.

For more information, please contact:

Kyle Kothe, CEO

Tel: 512.350.0463

Email: Kyle@RightGift.com



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