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3 Simple Steps to Gifts-in-Kind Campaign Success

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September 12, 2019 by Your Friends at RightGift

Why are charities, schools and even companies turning to gifts-in-kind fundraising campaigns when it seems easier to just give money? Because the nonprofit sector is losing donor trust … a big problem … and the problem is getting worse, not better.

The issue is about transparency and impact. Donors want to know:

Where will my donations go? And what will be the impact of my gift?

RightGift’s one-of-a-kind gifts-in-kind giving platform meets that challenge head on by offering a better way for donors to know exactly what their donation will go and how it will impact the the lives of those in need. How do we do that? By enabling your donors or employees to select specific items - "stuff" - that your charity needs, and ensuring that those supplies are delivered right to the charity’s doorstep.

"Send doggie beds to an animal shelter, baby formula to a children’s clinic, or classroom supplies to a school. It’s that easy!"

- Kyle Kothe CEO, RightGift

Best of all, a RightGift gifts-in-kind website is easy to use - and it’s free! Just follow our 3 simple steps - Ready, Set, Go!

Step 1 - Get READY

Getting “ready” means planning for your success. Especially if you are running your first gifts-in-kind campaign. Remember: a little planning goes a long way.

  • Put together a small team - many hands make light work!
  • Pick a cause and be specific - avoid vague descriptions or long lists of what you need.
  • Set a goal and deadline - nothing inspires action like goal setting … with a deadline.

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 3.34.29 PM

Step 2 - Get SET

As in, “Get SET UP”. Activate your RightGift software by using an existing campaign theme or building your own wish list from participating retailers such as Walmart, Petco, or Target.

RightGift software is easy to set up. It also tracks your progress against goals and deadlines, and it can even help you with communications. Want help with activation? Just let us know.

And speaking of communications, be sure to set up your marketing channel. For example, you can load email lists into RightGift to send out email invites to your donors. Or you can use your existing digital marketing systems with a link back to your RightGift website. In addition, create messages to send through your social media channels and company intranet.

Step 3 - GO!

This is the fun part. Launch that gifts-in-kind campaign by publishing your website wish list, sending out email invitations, and sharing initial posts through social media. Today’s fundraising campaigns require that we reach out to our supporters through multiple media channels. A gifts-in-kind campaign is no different. So ...

Share, share, share!

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Your donors not only benefit with the opportunity to support a great cause, but they also benefit from the knowledge and comfort of knowing exactly what they gave and how it is being used. And what a great way to re-engage lapsed donors with a renewed sense of giving!

Final tip: Be sure to thank everyone when your campaign wraps. You’d be surprised to learn how many fundraisers forget to say “Thank you”. ALL of your supporters deserve to be appreciated. Let them all share in your success … even those who did not participate this time.

And one last thing - let us know if we can help!!


About RightGift

We hope you have found our “Ready, Set, Go!” guide helpful. RightGift is a B-corporation headquartered in Austin, TX. We have hundreds of customers, both nonprofits and companies. Our one-of-a-kind gifts-in-kind software is available to customers for free, and we do not mark up item prices from our retail partners. 

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