Ambassador Program Offers Opportunities During COVID-19 Economy

RightGift launches NEW Ambassador program in U.S. providing work-from-home options to those unemployed or looking for a way to earn supplementary income and give back to their community. 

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March 20, 2020 by Allie Meador

The world is changing, there is no doubt about that.  The Internet is exploding with endless tips on how to handle a conference call with your toddler pulling on your shirt, how much time we all could have saved moving meetings to emails and ways to survive the foreseeable future with your spouse in a one bedroom apartment.  We get it.  It's funny.

You know what's not a joke?  The future of our economy and the possibility of unemployment.  Even with the approval of a stimulus package, we know it will not be enough.  Not enough to keep food on the table for a family of four.  Not enough to pay the water or electricity bill every month for a single parent.thought-catalog-Nv-vx3kUR2A-unsplash

What's not funny is Colorado's unemployment site crashing because the labor department saw an unprecedented 1600% surge in unemployment applications.  According to administration officials, 20% of the U.S. population could be out of a job due to the Coronavirus. That's more than 32 Million individuals.

Nonprofits around the country are not laughing at the prospect of closing down critical programs.  Not only are charitable organizations sharing the anxiety surrounding unemployment risks but they are also dealing with a depleted volunteer base, the complete stoppage of dropped-off in-kind donations and major funding events being sidelined.  

With severe layoffs in every sector and many industries completely gutted, the ability to continue on with regularly scheduled programming is not an option for many Americans.  But, what if I told you there was a way for you to help flatten the curve, give back by helping others in need and make money?

RightGift is announcing our NEW Ambassador Program this week, offering altruistically-minded individuals an opportunity to bring new clients to our free giving platform.  We're here to offer continuous support to our communities and we need you to help!  With uncapped commissions on new clients for the first year, our ambassador program is an easy and rewarding way to use your network to keep the lights on.


This program is what you make it!  No pressure or sales goals, only your motivation to provide for yourself and your family.  Ambassadors participate and fill the volunteerism gap by facilitating real action and tangible donations for nonprofits. 

You might be a good fit for the RightGift Ambassador Program if you:

  • Have connections in any business or nonprofit industries in the U.S. 
  • Come from a sales or nonprofit background
  • Are constantly looking for ways to make an impact in your area 
  • Are self-motivated and willing to try something new
  • Are ready to be a part of a team always looking to the future
  • Live and work in the U.S. as currently our company ships only within the States


If you know someone who is unemployed and looking for a side hustle or if I'm talking directly to you, contact us.  We're here to answer any questions and set you up for success.

- The RightGift Team

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