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March 12, 2020 by Scott Goldberg

To our RightGift family,

In these scary and uncertain times we wanted to reach out and simply ask: How can we help?  

Life seems to be rapidly changing around us, but one thing that remains constant are the missions of the nonprofits, businesses, and donors in our communities.  Whether it is foster care children, veterans with PTSD, disaster relief, homelessness or the hundreds of other causes you support, their needs carry on regardless of the Coronavirus.    

And RightGift’s mission carries on as well: To continuously provide free resources for a community of nonprofits while supporting and engaging givers in their charitable ventures.

To our businesses and individual donors, normal CSR and philanthropic plans, everything from volunteerism to charity auctions, may be in flux at the moment.  We can provide you a simple way to continue supporting the causes you care about while also being mindful of the safety and security of your fellow employees, their families, and your own.  

To our nonprofit partners, the changes taking place may be unsettling, but we’re here to provide you tools to continue operations unobstructed.  Rather than making a stressful run across town to stock up on your most basic supplies, putting yourself and others at risk, you can simply purchase them through RightGift while being conscious of your donors.    

RightGift exists for times like this.  As a free platform connecting givers and nonprofits through online in-kind donations, we can be of immediate assistance in securing your organization with critical items.  We’ve created a template wishlist customizable to your needs applying to nearly every beneficiary and cause at this moment: Basic Cleaning and Disinfectant Supplies.

Add Kits To Your Drive

At the same time we greatly value the ideas and passion you all bring to this community, so please reach out to us to share your thoughts on other ways we can support you during this time and year-round.

Thank you for your continued vigilance in supporting those in need, 

The RightGift Team

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