Life For Women After Incarceration

With 1.9 Million women released from prison and jail every year, there is a not-so-surprising lack of services and resources supporting rehabilitation. One thoughtful organization in New Mexico seeks to provide programs and opportunities to keep women and their families out of poverty.

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March 2, 2020 by Allie Meador

Founded in 1997, Crossroads for Women has served women and their children for more than 20 years.

Their mission? Provide comprehensive, integrated services to empower women emerging from incarceration to achieve safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives in the community, for themselves and their children.

By providing housing and trauma-informed therapeutic services, Crossroads helps women recover from trauma and painful experiences while giving them the tools to be successful in a multitude of areas. Addressing their past, present and future challenges, Crossroads believes everyone deserves a new start, a second chance.

Crossroads for Women
“Here at Crossroads, our organization keeps growing and growing," Amorena Almand, Development Assistant at Crossroads said. "This means we have been able to help more and more women break unhealthy cycles and build fulfilling lives, but it also means the needs of both our staff and our clients continue to grow as well."

Research is clear that women returning home need more services than men. They often have higher rates of unemployment due to lack of educational opportunities, higher rates of homelessness which leads to poverty. They are often the caretakers of their family, but with 75% of former incarcerated women reporting they had been homeless at one point or another, support is needed now more than ever.

We’re so very grateful for any support our community can give us, to support our mission and enable us to help as many women as possible!" Almand said.

If you'd like to support Crossroads for Women this International Women's Day, you can find their Urgent Needs wish list here. All donations are tax deductible and are shipped directly to Crossroads for Women in New Mexico.

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